What do I need to grow mushrooms?

Category: Mushroom Info

An ideal set up for an indoor mushroom grower is a clean and sterile area, with a humidifier and a humidity controller, a heat source and a heat controller, and a small fan to bring in fresh air. This can be set up in a spare room or even in a small mini greenhouse (the little ones with 3-4 shelves). This is an ideal setup that can be automated to control the environment to produce mushrooms. The custom made grow bags we make at Artisan Mushrooms make it easier for beginners to grow mushrooms. eliminating the need for all this equipment as the whole life cycle of the mushroom happens mostly within the bag. You just need to spray water 1-2 times a day to maintain humidity, It only takes 5-10 seconds. Most mushrooms will grow well at room temperature (20°C)

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