Should I grow mushrooms indoors or outdoors?

Category: Mushroom Info

It depends on your space. In the outdoors, nature does the work for the mushrooms. Many environmental aspects can affect mushroom growth such as temperature levels, rain, drought, light levels, snow, late seasons etc, making it unpredictable for mushrooms to have the right conditions to start fruiting. Sometimes it can take 1- 3 years until you see your first mushrooms when growing outdoors. We can eliminate all the outdoor environmental aspects by growing our mushrooms indoors and controlling the environmental aspects such as temperature, humidity and fresh air/gas exchange ourselves. Using basic equipment such as a spray bottle or automating the environment with lighting, a humidifier and a fan. We make our indoor grow kits as easy as possible for the grower to use, with the quickest results possible using basic techniques and accessories. Mushrooms will start to grow inside our bags with very little maintenance until fruiting, when the mushrooms like a high humidity environment as they start to grow out of the bag in search of fresh oxygen. This can be simply maintained by misting the outside of the bag with water 1-2 times a day for the hobby grower.

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