Does liquid culture contain spores?

Category: Mushroom Info

Our liquid culture does not contain any spores. Spores are considered the first and last step of the mushroom’s life cycle. When two compatible spores meet, they procreate. A little baby is born, this baby is called mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungus, consisting of tiny white threads, creating a huge network of “roots” called the “mycorrhizal network” This gives the mushrooms a highly intelligent system to find and transport water, food, nitrogen, sugars and minerals between trees and fungi As the mycelium starts to colonise substrate/logs/trees in which it feels most at home, it will start to develop a huge mycorrhizal network. When conditions are just right, the mycelium will start to grow above ground to begin forming primordial fruits/mushrooms, this is known as the pinning stage. Once the pins are ready, they will begin to turn into the fruiting bodies we know as the mushroom. The mushroom develops and towards the end of its life cycle it will drop spores to seed for next season, starting the whole life cycle over again.

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