Can I grow multiple varieties of mushrooms in one grow bag?

Category: Mushroom Info

The answer is normally no. One strain of Mycelium will generally take over the other, to compete for space. It has been known for 2 types to grow in the same bagĀ  but is not recommended to inoculate our grow bags with 2 strains of liquid culture.

Most species of mushrooms will grow 2-4 flushes from the same grow bag. It is recommended to fully submerge and soak your colonised substrate (also known as a block) for 24 hours in between flushes, to hydrate the block.

This will hydrate the block, giving enough moisture (field capacity) to the mushroom block for the next flush of mushrooms.

It also signals the mushrooms into fruiting again as they think it has been raining, and humidity levels will be right for them to start another flush.

Be sure to use clean gloves when handling the block and remove all old mushrooms and stems before soaking the block, as they can turn mouldy and infect your block.

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