Can I inject the liquid culture straight into a tree or log?

Unfortunately this will not work. You would need to start by inoculating sterilised grain to make grain spawn, inoculate sterilised sawdust to make sawdust spawn or inoculating some sterilised wooden dowels to make plugs to insert into pre drilled holes in logs. This will ensure the mycelium will be strong enough to take to the …


There is green/grey fungus growing in my grow bag?

Anything other than white mycelium is most certainly contamination, somewhere during the process your bag has become contaminated, unfortunately the bag is ready for the compost heap. This is a part of mushroom growing and can be quite common if your grow room/grow area is not sterile (surfaces/air particles/pet hairs etc)

What are the easiest mushrooms to grow?

If you are just starting out on your mushroom growing adventure then we would suggest starting off with Oyster mushrooms. These are by far the easiest to grow and a great way to learn the mushroom growing process. After that you can move onto something a bit more technical like Morel or Chanterelle!

How much liquid culture do I need?

A drop of liquid culture can technically be used to inoculate grain but the more you use, the faster the colonisation time will be. 10ml of liquid culture is enough to inoculate two of our grow kits. You can also use 10ml of liquid culture per grow kit to speed up the colonisation process if …


Are some mushrooms really medicinal?

Mushrooms have been used for centuries in eastern medicine and only recently have we discovered the benefits through modern research. Some species are highly regarded as treatment for many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, heart disease and many other ailments Only in recent years have mushrooms been studied in scientific detail. …


Is it safe to grow mushrooms in my home?

It is perfectly safe to grow mushrooms in your home, mushroom spores will only drop if left on the fruiting block for too long. Some people can have adverse effects from too many mushroom spores(asthma or people with serious lung conditions), but it would take lots of spores and exposure for a long time. The …


Can I grow Mushrooms in my garden?

Yes! You can grow mushrooms in your garden. It is possible to make a growing bed from suitable materials, depending on what variety of mushroom you are growing. For example, Yellow chanterelle would need to grow symbiotically with the roots of conifer trees, you can make a growing bed from soil collected from the floor …


What happens when the bag has finished producing mushrooms?

All of our grow kits and substrates are made from bio materials and natural sources, your spent mushroom block will make extremely rich compost if added to your compost heap.Sometimes you will even get more mushrooms growing from your compost heap! Remove the bag and dispose of it in general waste. Unfortunately the biodegradable mushroom …