Sterilised Oats For Making Mushroom Grain Spawn | 2kg

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Pre sterilised grain for making your own grain spawn, fitted with a self healing injection port for easy and clean inoculation with your chosen liquid culture.


Oat grain sourced from a local farm in Ireland. Hydrated for 24hrs and pressure sterilised at 15 PSI for 2.5 hours to ensure they are sterilised. Made fresh to order every time.

Used to make grain spawn using your chosen liquid culture, agar wedge or by adding our smaller bags of grain spawn to expand the amount of grain spawn you have. Simply inject your liquid culture into the bag and allow the mycelium to feed off and colonise the oats.

You can think of grain spawn as a kind of mushrooms seed which can then be transferred into mushroom substrate to fruit mushrooms. To make it as easy as possible our bags are also fitted with a self healing injection port allowing for clean and easy inoculation with your liquid culture reducing the chance of contaminating the substrate.

Packaged in a dedicated clean room. Heat sealed in a mushroom spawn bag with a 0.2 micron filter patch for air/gas exchange before sealing in front of a 99.99% laminar flow hood to ensure clean air flow. Please allow 48-72 hours for production on all Substrates/Grow Kits and Grains.

all of our supplemented hardwood mushroom grow kits, coco vermiculite mushroom growing kits, substrates and grains have all been pressure sterilised in a sterile lab and all liquid cultures and agar plates are packed in front of a laminar flow hood.

We also cater for larger orders of mushroom grow kits, liquid cultures or grain spawn with bulk discounts on larger orders

Choose from any of our liquid culture strains to start growing your own delicious and healthy gourmet or medicinal mushrooms at home today with our easy to use mushroom grow kits and liquid cultures combined. Growing your own delicious and healthy mushrooms has never been this easy with Artisan Mushrooms.

Please send us a message if you have any enquiries or questions. We are happy to help!

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    Great service and if there’s any issues the store is very good at solving. Highly recommended.

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