Red Chanterelle Liquid Culture – Cantharellus cinnabarinus

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A 10ml Syringe containing live red Chanterelle mycelium liquid culture to grow your own mushrooms.


Red chanterelle, also known as Cantharellus cinnabarinus, is a species of edible mushroom belonging to the family Cantharellaceae. It is named for its distinctive bright red-orange color, which sets it apart from other chanterelle mushrooms.

Red chanterelles are typically found in forests, particularly in coniferous forests, and can be found in both North America and Europe. They usually appear in the late summer and fall, and their bright color makes them relatively easy to spot among the forest undergrowth.

The fruiting body of the red chanterelle is similar in shape to other chanterelles, with a trumpet-shaped cap and ridges that run down the stem. However, unlike other chanterelles, the red chanterelle has a bright red-orange color that fades to yellow towards the base of the stem. The flesh of the mushroom is thin and delicate, with a slightly fruity, apricot-like aroma and a mild, nutty flavor.

Red chanterelles are used in a variety of culinary dishes, including sautés, sauces, and soups, and are particularly popular in Scandinavian cuisine. They are also sometimes dried and used as a seasoning. Like other chanterelles, red chanterelles should be cooked thoroughly before consuming to ensure that any potentially harmful compounds are broken down.

In addition to their culinary uses, red chanterelles have also been studied for their potential health benefits. Some research suggests that they may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and could potentially be used in the treatment of certain diseases. However, more research is needed to fully understand the potential health benefits of this mushroom.

It’s important to note that while red chanterelles are edible and considered safe to consume, they should be properly identified before being eaten. Some mushrooms can be toxic, and it’s essential to be able to distinguish between edible and poisonous species. If you’re not confident in your ability to identify mushrooms, it’s best to consult a trained professional or experienced forager. ©


IDEAL GROWING CONDITIONS: Red Chanterelle (Cantharellus cinnabarinus)

Red Chanterelle is difficult to grow indoors, and we think it is best suited for outdoor growing. Easily planted amongst pine trees and some broad leaf mixed woods.

We recommend using our mushroom grow bag hardwood to start your Chanterelle. Once the bag is fully colonised, you can then plant handfuls of colonised substrate into holes in the earth, around conifer type trees (pine,spruce,fir).

Alternatively you can make grain spawn or sawdust spawn with your liquid culture. You can then plant grain spawn directly into holes in the soil, around root zones of coniferous trees.

You could also create a growing bed in your garden. By creating a soil mix similar to a conifer woods(or dig some). Plant some small conifer saplings along with the grain spawn. The mycelium will grow and create a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the trees as they transfer nutrients, sugars & water to each other. This method can take longer than planting with well established trees.

Substrate: Conifer forest/Mixed forest

Colonisation Temperature (indoors): 19°C – 24°C


10ml liquid culture syringe containing living mycelium of the redChanterelle mushroom.
Sterile alcohol wipe.
18G sterile needle for injection into chosen medium or grow kit.
Sealed in a zip lock bag.

All of our liquid cultures are prepared fresh for every order in our lab and we use a flow hood when carrying out all work to ensure clean cultures & packages.


Liquid culture is a a nutrient rich broth made up of distilled water, mixed with light malt extract dextrose and honey to create a mix for the mycelium to feed on. You can think of mycelium as the mushroom seed, this can then be used to inoculate a grow kit or substrate mix to start grow mushrooms.

We regularly test all of our liquid cultures on agar and grain to guarantee you only get the highest quality culture.


All mushrooms require different care and conditions to grow. With the right conditions, and coupled with our liquid cultures and grow kits.  You can grow your own mushroom easily.

We offer a wide variety of easy to use grow kits and mushroom growing substrates.

We’ve done all the hard work to save you the time and energy.

By growing mushrooms in our bags, this way you can have more control over the environment throughout the whole growing cycle, rather than if you were to grow outside.


We would recommend using your red Chanterelle liquid culture as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness and healthy growth. If you cannot use it right away then we advise storing your culture in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.




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