Hardwood Dowels For Making Spawn Plugs | Pack Of 100

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Hardwood Dowels For Making Spawn Plugs | Pack Of 100 (approx)


Hardwood Dowels For Making Spawn Plugs | Pack Of 100 (approx)

Size: 8mm x 50mm

Plug spawn is a way to grow mushrooms using wooden dowels that have been inoculated with mushroom mycelium. Here are the steps to make plug spawn with wooden dowels for mushroom growing:



  1. First, select the type of mushroom you want to grow
  2. Hydrate your dowels by soaking in water overnight.
  3. Sterilise your dowels by boiling in water for 2-3 hours, or pressure cook at 15 PSI for 2 hours . You can use birch or oak dowels.
  4. Once the dowels have cooled down, inoculate with liquid culture and place in a warm area to colonise for 2-4 weeks.
  5. Using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the dowels, drill holes into a log or another wooden substrate where you want to grow the mushrooms. The holes should be about 2-3 inches apart and should be about 2 inches deep.
  6. Insert the colonised dowels into the holes, making sure they are snug.
  7. Melt some wax or paraffin in a pot on the stove or in a double boiler. Cover the hole where the dowel has been inserted, this helps to protect the mycelium and prevent contamination.
  8. Allow the wax to cool and harden. Store the logs in a shaded area or a place with high humidity. You can cover the logs in plastic also to help hold humidity.
  9. Wait for the mycelium to colonize the dowels and logs. This can take several months to a year, depending on the type of mushroom you are growing.
  10. Once the logs are colonised, you can start harvesting the mushrooms. To do this, soak the logs in water for a few hours to encourage fruiting. You can expect to harvest mushrooms from the logs for several years.

That’s it! With a little patience and care, you can grow your own delicious mushrooms using wooden dowels/plug spawn.

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