Black Morel Liquid Culture – Morchella importuna/elata

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A 10ml Syringe containing live black morel mycelium used to grow your own mushrooms. Guaranteed clean and 100% contaminate free.

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Morchella importuna (known as Morchella elata in the past) is a species of edible mushroom belonging to the Morchella genus. It is commonly known as the black morel or the conifer morel, and it is highly prized by mushroom hunters and gourmet chefs for its rich flavor and unique appearance.

Morchella importuna typically grows in the spring, often in association with coniferous trees such as spruce, pine, and fir. It is found in North America, Europe, and Asia, and is known for its elongated, cone-shaped cap that is deeply pitted and ridged, and ranges in color from gray to black. The stem of the black morel is typically white and hollow, and the flesh is delicate and spongy.

As with all wild mushrooms, it is important to be certain of the identification of any Morchella importuna specimens before consuming them, as some toxic or deadly lookalike species exist. When properly identified and cooked thoroughly, however, the black morel is a delicious addition to many culinary dishes. ©


IDEAL GROWING CONDITIONS: Black Morel – Morchella importuna/elata

Black morel need to be grow outdoors, there are some places growing them indoors but the technique is highly secretive.

We recommend inoculating some hardwood substrate with your liquid culture, allowing the mycelium to colonise the substrate.

When the substrate is ready, it can be planted into the earth with coniferous trees such as spruce, pine, and fir.

Morel are known to form symbiotic relationships with trees, and the black morel (Morchella importuna) is no exception. The exact nature of this relationship is not yet fully understood, but it is believed that the mycelium of Morchella fungi form a mutualistic association with the roots of trees, exchanging nutrients and minerals with the tree in exchange for carbohydrates.

This symbiotic relationship is known as mycorrhizae, and it is a mutually beneficial association between the fungus and the plant. The fungus provides the tree with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which it is able to extract from the soil more efficiently than the tree’s roots can on their own. In return, the tree provides the fungus with carbohydrates produced through photosynthesis.

It is believed that the mycorrhizal association between Morchella fungi and trees is important for the growth and survival of both organisms. In addition, some studies have suggested that the presence of certain tree species can influence the abundance and distribution of Morchella fungi in a particular ecosystem. ©




10ml liquid culture syringe containing living mycelium of the black morel mushroom.
Sterile alcohol wipe.
18G sterile needle for injection into chosen substrate
Sealed in a zip lock bag.

All of our liquid cultures are prepared fresh for every order in our lab and we use a flow hood when carrying out all work to ensure clean cultures & packages.


Liquid culture is a a nutrient rich broth made up of distilled water, mixed with light malt extract dextrose and honey to create a mix for the mycelium to feed on. You can think of mycelium as the mushroom seed, this can then be used to inoculate a grow kit or substrate mix to start grow mushrooms.

We regularly test all of our liquid cultures on agar and grain to guarantee you only get the highest quality culture.


Different mushrooms require different care and conditions to grow but with the right conditions and coupled with our liquid cultures and grow kits you can grow your own mushroom easy! We offer a wide variety of easy to use grow kits and mushroom growing substrates. We’ve done all the hard work to save you the time and energy. By growing mushrooms in bags this way, you can have more control over the environment, throughout the whole growing cycle, than if you were to grow outside.


We recommend using your black morel liquid culture as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness and healthy growth. If you cannot use it right away then we advise storing your culture in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.



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