Hello, my name is Garfield, and I’m a mushroom enthusiast with a passion for exploring the fascinating world of fungi. My interest in mushrooms started at a very young age, and I’ve spent years learning about their many uses and benefits.

One of my favorite things to do is to grow different varieties of mushrooms in my garden and indoors. I’ve experimented with a range of cultivation techniques, including straw bale inoculation, hardwood chip growing beds, and growing indoors. There’s something truly magical about watching mushrooms sprout up from the ground, and I find it incredibly rewarding to harvest and cook up a fresh batch of my own home-grown mushrooms.

But my love for mushrooms extends beyond just cultivation – I also enjoy studying them in my lab, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the biochemical and physiological properties of mushrooms, including their nutritional value, medicinal benefits, and more. I love working with mushrooms and I’m still learning new stuff every day.

When I’m not working in the lab or tending to my mushroom garden, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, hiking in the great outdoors, and cooking up delicious meals using my favorite fungi as the star ingredient. I also enjoy kayaking and spending time on the water – there’s nothing quite like the peacefulness of paddling along a quiet river or lake. I’m an avid rock climber, and love the challenge and adrenaline rush that comes with scaling a challenging climb.

Artisan Mushrooms was founded by Garfield in 2020. After a lifetime of research, growing and building a large collection of mushroom samples, taking clones and creating cultures, I decided it was time to turn it into something more than a hobby.

I hope to spread the same fascination to people of all ages. Growing mushrooms is easier than people think. It’s a great way to teach children an understanding of where food comes from (not just from shelves in the supermarket) and how to grow their own food, It’s also a great way and get them out into the wild to hunt for mushrooms!

I am a firm believers in the medicinal benefits and health benefits of eating home grown mushrooms. Scientific studies are only recently revealing just how much medicinal properties different mushrooms contain. It’s fascinating and I hope to spread the knowledge to home growers and foragers all over the world!

Whether you are a home grower who loves to have healthy and fresh ingredients to cook with, a parent who wants to teach their child how to grow food, or you just want to try your hand at growing some mushrooms. I have everything you need to grow your own delicious and healthy mushrooms easily. From beginners to pro mycologists alike.

My genetic library of mushroom cultures is always growing, as is my fascination of the magical world of fungi and nature.

Start growing your own delicious and healthy mushrooms at home today, with my custom made mushroom grow kits, that are simple and easy to use. You’ll be eating delicious homegrown treats in no time!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have and I will happily help you to begin your journey into wonderful world of mycology and mushroom cultivation.

Mush love from Ireland 🍄❤️☘️